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         Company BNT-TMiH (Machine and Hydraulics factory) is located in central Bosnia & Herzegovina, Novi Travnik, 90 km away from Sarajevo.

         BNT-TMiH currently employs 350 people. It is engaged in manufacturing structural matal fabrications and parts, manufacturing lifting, handling and conveying devices, manufacturing machine tools, providing machining services, heat and surface treatment services and laboratory services (mechanical, chemical, metallographic testing and calibration of measuring instruments), as well as manufacturing arms, weapons and military equipment. Production capacities are 500.000 production hours per year. Organization of factory is instituted in such a way to provide development, production and quality control of product on optimal way and pleasure of the Buyer.

        BNT-Tvornica masina i hidraulike, D.D. engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of arms, weapons, and military equipment. The company provides mortars, recoilless rifles, tank guns, anti-tank guns, mountain guns, howitzers, aircraft guns, coast guns, and mobile multiple rocket systems. It also manufactures structural metal fabrications and parts; lifting, handling, and conveying devices; machine tools; hydraulics cylinders for mines; building machines; servomotors for hydroelectric power stations; tools for metalworking and non-metalworking industries; trailers for agricultural machinery; and metal constructions. In addition, it offers machining services; heat and surface treatment services; and laboratory services, including mechanical, chemical, and metallographic testing, as well as calibration of measuring instruments. The company exports its products primarily to Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and Turkey. BNT-Tvornica masina i hidraulike, D.D. was founded in 1949 and is based in Novi Travnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Mortars 60, 81, 82, and 120 mm
Recoilless rifle 82 mm M60 and M84
Tank gun 100 mm for T-55 tank
Tank gun 125 mm for M-84 tank
Anti-tank gun 100 mm
Mountain gun 100 mm
Howitzer 105 mm
Howitzer 122 mm
Cannon howitzer 152 and 155 mm
Cannon 130 mm
Aircraft gun 23 mm
Coast gun 100 mm
Mobile multiple rocket system 128 and  262 mm

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